Introduction to Strategic Analysis

Introduction to Strategic Intelligence teaches concepts and tools for rigorously answering strategic questions and for making complex strategic situations intelligible. It provides an overview of fundamental skills, from how to formulate insightful questions to presenting clear and impactful assessments. It covers critical thinking and analytic reasoning, thinking about complex systems, warning intelligence, forward projections, understanding adversaries, and opportunity analysis.

The course covers the following topic

1: Estimative analysis
What is a probabilistic estimate in intelligence analysis and how do you rigorously formulate one
2: Presenting strategic analysis
How to use the CASE method to structure a strategic assessment
3: Formulating questions
Learn how to ask the right questions using a process that helps you identify what the decision maker needs to understand about a strategic situation
5: Understanding adversaries
Practice thinking systematically about the intentions and decision making practice using a new SAT for replicating an adversary’s decision making process
6: Complex systems
Tools for analysing complex systems and understanding subtle interactions
7: Futures Thinking
Techniques for considering how certain scenarios might emerge and the main factors and drivers to watch

What People are Saying

“Learn about strategic analysis in more depth than what is introduced in the DIO analysis course.”
“It will teach you how to reason better at every stages of your analysis and how to improve how you communicate this reasoning to others.”
“It will test your set way of thinking so that you can approach problems with a more open mindset (catching things you missed before).”


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