About Hunt Lab

The Hunt Laboratory is a research partner for organisations seeking to enhance performance in intelligence analysis.

  • We are Australia’s leading multi-disciplinary research team focused specifically on intelligence analysis
  • We have experience working with intelligence organisations and managing security issues
  • We integrate research capability from across the University of Melbourne and other research institutions, both in Australia and overseas.

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Our Research Areas

The Hunt Lab is currently engaged in research in the following areas:

  • Strategies for improving analytic thinking and communication
  • Evaluation of analytic quality
  • Methods and tools for enhancing collaboration
  • Augmenting human analysis with Artificial Intelligence
  • Crowdsourcing intelligence

Our Research & Publications



The Hunt Lab provides professional development services focusing on building analytic capability. We are developing a suite of advanced-level short courses covering the central analytic concepts and skills possessed by top-quality analysts.

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The SWARM Platform

The core of Hunt Lab activities has been the SWARM Platform, an online environment designed specifically for production of high-quality intelligence analysis. The SWARM Platform was developed with major funding from the US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity. The Hunt Lab is continuing to develop the platform for a variety of deployments.


Atlee Hunt

The Hunt Lab is named in honour of Atlee Hunt, inaugural Secretary of the Department of External Affairs in 1901. Hunt established Australia’s first national intelligence capability.

The Inaugural Departmental Heads of the Australian Commonwealth Public Service-1901. Atlee Hunt, centre standing.
Inaugural Departmental Heads of the Australian Commonwealth Public Service ,1901. Atlee Hunt stands centre.