Hunt Lab Training

The Hunt Lab provides professional development services focusing on building analytic capability.

We are working on a comprehensive suite of short courses covering the central analytic concepts and skills possessed by top-quality analysts.

Our courses focus on the essence of good analytic thinking. They are intended to complement and extend lower-level or technical training offered in-house or by other providers. Read more about our current training offerings below or contact us to discuss possible collaborations.


Advanced Analytic Rigour

A workshop on detecting and correcting reasoning flaws, suitable for all analytic thinking. Participants learn how to apply the Reasoning Stress Test method developed at the University of Melbourne via training material co-developed with intelligence experts.

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Making the CASE

A one-day workshop covering the fundamentals of argument structure to enable more clear and compelling presentation of reasoning in documents such as intelligence reports.

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Information and Influence

This three-part webinar series introduces learners to disinformation as a global phenomenon that has proliferated in the fertile new communication ecosystems provided by social media, new technology platforms and their marketing and business models.

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Collaborate with Us

The courses listed above were developed in partnership with major organisations looking to address some fundamental challenges in analytic work.

We can work with you to develop focused and effective courses targeting specific analytic needs in your organisation.

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