Suicide Prevention Expert Consultations

A Virtual Forum on evidence and priorities for the development of Australia’s National Suicide Prevention Strategy

The forum is being run with the support of the Hunt Laboratory for Intelligence Research at the University of Melbourne. 


The Australian National Suicide Prevention Office (NSPO) has been charged with the task of developing the new Australian National Suicide Prevention Strategy.

The NSPO has commissioned the University of Melbourne to gather expert opinion to augment the published evidence to inform the development of the Strategy due to be released for public consultation in late 2023.

The aim of the Virtual Forum is to gather input from Australian and international suicide prevention research experts and Australian suicide prevention professional experts from the non-government sector on key focus areas and enablers for suicide prevention to augment literature based evidence reviews.

To meet that aim, we will conduct a three-phase expert virtual consultative forum.

The forum

The consultation forum will take place over three phases.

  • Phase 1: An online survey where participants will provide their views on the key actions and priorities for effective suicide prevention.
  • Phase 2: An online text-based discussion around the level of evidence and likely effectiveness of the actions and priorities identified in phase 1.
  • Phase 3: A survey where participants will be asked to rank their level of agreement or disagreement with the priorities and actions identified.

The three phases will take place over a four-week period in April-May 2023. Participation is in your own time and will take between one and three hours depending on how involved you wish to be.

Expressions of interest

If you would like to participate, use the link at the bottom of this page and provide your contact details and brief background information.

Please note, there is a limit on the number of participants that can be involved so we may not be able to accommodate everyone who expresses interest. However, we are endeavouring to be as inclusive as possible.