Streamlining Risk Analysis – Survey Invite

Survey of Biosecurity Analysts and Managers

If you’re viewing this page you’re invited to participate in a survey as part of the research project ‘Streamlining Risk Analysis’.

Biosecurity risk analyses are crucial to protecting the health, environment and economy of a country that wants to import commodities. They specify the level of risk posed by pests and diseases that may be associated with the commodity and are used to make decisions on how best to manage those risks.

The stakes are high, so it is not surprise that their development takes a lot of time and resources. This has led to a backlog of Import Risk Analyses that need to be completed before trade in a commodity can commence.

Our research project seeks to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of developing Import Risk Analyses to help biosecurity organisations get more done, without sacrificing their quality.

To identify opportunities, we’d like to survey biosecurity risk analysts and managers to:

  1. Get a sense of what they spend their time doing when completing an Import Risk Analysis
  2. Elicit ideas for improving the efficiency of the Import Risk Analysis process.

We’ve set up a survey, that is completely voluntary, not all questions need be answered, you can withdraw at any time and should only take 20-30min to complete. You can leave the survey and return at any time using the same link, provided you do not clear your browsers cookies. Please try and complete the survey by December 22nd (AEDT). The survey can be accessed via the link below:

The results of the survey will help up identify where the largest gains in efficiency can be had, which, in conjunction with your ideas, will help us identify an opportunity to pilot within an organisation.

You can read more about the project via the Plain Language Statement here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either Ariel Kruger ( or Tim van Gelder (