Apr 16, 2020 Bulletin

The Virus of Disinformation: Echoes of Past Bioweapons Accusations in Today’s COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories. Sarah Jacobs Gamberini and Amanda Moodie. War on the Rocks.

The Value of Open Source Intelligence in a Pandemic Environment. Travis Wright. RealClearDefense.

The Coronavirus Pandemic is a Failure in Leadership – Not Intelligence. The Small Wars Journal.

The Coronavirus Is the Worst Intelligence Failure in U.S. History. Micah Zenko. Foreign Policy.

COVID-19 is forcing the intelligence community to think outside the SCIF. Charles Clancy. The Hill.

Spying on coronavirus: A little-known U.S. intel outfit has its most important mission yet.  Ken Dilanian. NBC.

Information Warfare and Neuro-weaponry. Zac Rogers. Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Licence to hack: Australian hackers using the keyboard to fight ISIL. Stephanie Borys. ABC Radio.

The Information War(Youtube). Making Sense with Sam Harris #145. With Renée DiResta.