The Hunt Lab is a research partner for Australian organisations seeking to improve performance in intelligence analysis. Our team has expertise in experimental psychology, philosophy, data science, intelligence studies, and software development.

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Expert Panel on Analytic Rigour

Slated for late September 2020, the Expert Panel is an opportunity for leading experts worldwide to discuss and share information and insights related to analytic rigour in intelligence, and generate a Consensus View to represent the panel. The Expert Panel is part of a larger project exploring how intelligence agencies can improve analytic rigour.

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Evaluating Analytic Reasoning: Training & Research

This free online training covers:

  • The fundamental concepts of reasoning evaluation
  • How to identify common flaws in intelligence work
  • How to apply the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s tradecraft standards

The training concludes with a challenge: identifying reasoning flaws in a set of fictional analytic products (reports and briefings). Your responses will form part of our research evaluating different methods of assessing reasoning quality.

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