Hunt Challenge 2020

In February-March 2020, the University of Melbourne’s Hunt Laboratory for Intelligence Research will hold an international analytic tournament.

Teams from the public will compete alongside teams of analysts from intelligence organisations to solve complex, realistic, intelligence-type problems.

The Hunt Challenge 2020 is intended for major intelligence organisations across the Five Eyes countries, but is open to other government or private organisations with intelligence functions, and interested individuals from the general public.

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Partner with Hunt

The Hunt Laboratory is a research partner for Australian organisations seeking to improve analytical performance and productivity.

  • Australia’s largest multi-disciplinary research team focused specifically on intelligence analysis
  • Experience working with intelligence organisations and managing security issues, and
  • An integrated research capability drawing on expertise from the University of Melbourne and other tertiary institutions, both in Australia and overseas.

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What is the Hunt Lab?

The Hunt Lab is a research partner for Australian organisations seeking to improve analytical performance and productivity. Our team has expertise in experimental psychology, philosophy, data science, intelligence studies, and software development.

Hunt Lab is named in honour of Atlee Hunt, inaugural Secretary of the Department of External Affairs in 1901. Hunt established Australia’s first national intelligence capability.

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Our Research Focus

The Swarm Project, with funding from the US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), is the Hunt Lab’s primary research and development activity. The SWARM Project is pursuing fundamental advances in collaborative reasoning.

The Hunt Laboratory also works on research and development collaborations with the Australian Intelligence Community, other government agencies and the private sector.

Our current research areas​ include:

  • Analytic reasoning​
  • Evaluation methods​
  • Cloud platforms​
  • Methodology (Structured Analytic Techniques, etc.)​
  • High performance teams
  • ​Crowdsourcing Intelligence

Our Research & Publications

Hunt Lab Bulletin & Reading Room

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