The Hunt Lab’s research and training focusses on intelligence analysis, security and policy. 

We are a research and training partner for Australian and international organisations seeking to improve analytic performance or to carry out research and develop training in areas related to intelligence, security and policy. We have worked on projects with organisations in the National Intelligence, Diplomatic and Defense communities. 

Our team has expertise in epistemology, analytics, intelligence studies, disinformation, strategic thinking, risk analysis and futures thinking, expert elicitation, and software development.


The Hunt Lab is currently engaged in research in the following areas:

  • Strategies for improving analytic thinking and communication
  • Evaluation of analytic quality
  • Narrative abduction and structured analytic techniques
  • Building resilience to disinformation, misinformation and malign influence. 
  • Expert elicitation and ‘group sourcing’
  • Methods and tools for enhancing collaboration
  • Strategy, futures thinking and risk analysis
  • Crowdsourcing intelligence
  • Augmenting human analysis with Artificial Intelligence

Example: Analytic Rigour in Intelligence

Analytic rigour is often spoken about in intelligence, but has been poorly defined and understood. The Hunt Lab’s major report on Analytic Rigour in Intelligence sought to change this.

The Hunt Lab convened an expert panel of intelligence analysts, academics and specialists as a key part of this research project, using a modified, online version of the well-known Delphi method. The public version of the report is now available. 

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The Hunt Lab provides a range of professional development training and services to the intelligence community, government organisations and private industry. We currently deliver advanced training courses focused on improving analytic reasoning to a number of Australian organisations with intelligence functions. We also deliver graduate level training in Recognising and Managing Disinformation to the national intelligence community through the National Center for Intelligence Training. 

We are also currently developing a suite of advanced-level short courses covering the central analytic concepts and skills possessed by top-quality analysts.

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The Hunt Lab provides a range of bespoke services in expert elicitation and group sourcing for complex projects including report writing involving numerous experts. 

Example: Mapping our Covid-19 Recovery

On April 27, 2020 an expert taskforce of more than 100 researchers drawn from across the Group of Eight (Go8) Universities presented the Australian Government with a “Roadmap to Recovery”, a report aimed at helping Government plot the best path through COVID-19.

The Hunt Lab developed and implemented a ‘group sourcing’ methodology to meet the challenge of articulating the collective wisdom of this large and diverse group of experts on a complex set of questions in a short period (the report was written in under three weeks). This Pursuit magazine piece describes how the Hunt Lab used its SWARM Platform to do this. 

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