Partner with Hunt

The Hunt Laboratory is a research partner for Australian organisations seeking to improve analytical performance and productivity.

Why Partner with Hunt?

Intelligence organisations face a range of internal and external capability challenges. Strengthening analytical capability, for example, asks:

  • How to develop the expertise of analytical staff efficiently
  • How to identify and introduce practical new methods and tools
  • How to rigorously evaluate the quality of intelligence work
  • How to adapt to a rapidly a changing information environment, and
  • How to assess the impact of initiatives aimed at improving capability.

To help organisations deal with such challenges, the Hunt Lab has:

  • Australia’s largest multi-disciplinary research team focused specifically on intelligence analysis
  • Experience working with intelligence organisations and managing security issues, and
  • An integrated research capability drawing on expertise from the University of Melbourne and other tertiary institutions, both in Australia and overseas.

Hunt Principles

As a non-profit academic organisation with strong industry relationships, Hunt operates according to the following principles:

  • Using rigorous scientific methods, and making evidence-based recommendations
  • Conducting forward-looking research, aimed at adaptation to a changing intelligence environment
  • Integrating academic research with organisations’ insights and know-how
  • Sharing research outcomes with all the organisations we work with, and through academic channels, where appropriate
  • Developing long-term R&D partnerships with intelligence organisations.

Our Research Areas

Hunt Lab research is currently focused on:

  • Improving analytic reasoning​ and judgement
  • Evaluation quality of analytic products
  • Developing high performance intelligence teams ​
  • Analytic methods (e.g. SATs) and their evaluation​, and
  • Crowdsourcing intelligence.

Our Research & Publications

Professional Development Services

Hunt provides services aimed at developing analytical expertise, including:

  • The Hunt Challenge. Annual online tournament in analytic reasoning (see below)
  • Immersive workshops. Using the Hunt Platform, we provide intensive team-based workshops which promote analytical and collaboration skills.
  • Customised training. We develop and deliver advanced training in skills such as argument construction and evaluation.