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Covid-19 Resources

The Hunt Lab is currently facilitating a collaborative reasoning process to generate a Group of Eight Roadmap to Recovery Report. We are therefore updating our Bulletin and reading room to include a separate page on Covid-19 related resources where you will find links to dashboards, situation reports, models and simulations, and other Covid-19 related reports.

Reading Room

Perennial readings for the world of intelligence analysis and related topics.

Countering Comprehensive Coercion: Competitive Strategies Against Authoritarian Political Warfare. Thomas G. Mahnken, Ross Babbage, Toshi Yoshihara. Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessment. Full report.

The Hunt Lab take:

Open societies like the United States and its allies are under concerted attack by authoritarian states using a unique form of authoritarian political warfare- comprehensive coercion.

This report summarizes the history of Chinese and Russian political warfare and outlines how open Western societies can make themselves less vulnerable and more resilient in the face of this, as well as how we might begin to ‘defend forward’ in this space.

Hybrid Threats: A Strategic Communications Perspective. NATO Stratcom Centre of Excellence.

The Hunt Lab take:

While the first part of this report is very interesting from a communications perspective, where this report really provides value, in our view, is in the case studies. Hybrid Threats contains 30 concise and clearly summarized case studies of hybrid threats spanning the last couple of decades. These go well beyond the current emphasis on The Russian Federation and include, for example, case studies from Africa, the Near and Middle East and Asia.